Single-pane view of WebSite Performance !

Website Performance - From an end-user's perspective !!

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Website Performance KPIs

Intuitive Visualizations

10s of Tools and 100s of components to be monitored, resulting in multiple dashboards. While searching for the proverbial "All-in-One" solution, a thought process was put in motion. Each tool has it's uniqueness and there is NO "one-size fits all" !!

How about we pick only the required metrics of each tool and represent them in a customizable fashion? And have them displayed in a SINGLE dashboard. Thus was born SPOG - Single Pane Of Glass.

What we do ?

With strong backgrounds in Automation, we offer customized solutions to unique challenges.

Be it Infrastructure and Inventory Management, Application Performance Analytics or Aggregation of existing Tools and Solutions- We'll develop a custom solution tailored to fit your needs and requirements.


What we offer

Tools Aggregation

KPI Aggregation, Unified view

Webpage Statistics

Availability, Latency, Pageload time

Professional Services

Infrastructure Management, Automation strategies, Deployment strategies


Scripting, API wrappers, WebApp automation

Infrastructure Analytics

KPIs, Trend Analytics

Application Performance

KPIs, Logical Tiering


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